Why Ahimsa Plant Healing?

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The concept of ahimsa has roots in Eastern spirituality and yogic traditions, and has since found rich and multi-faceted expressions within different communities, but it remains relevant to how we live our lives today. We can embody ahimsa by striving to cause the least pain possible, treading lightly on the Earth, choosing a sustainable vegan lifestyle, and respecting the karmic laws of the Universe. As a way of life, it infuses everything we do, applying not only to how we treat other humans but all living beings, including animals, the planet and, importantly, ourselves. Though often simplified to ‘non-harming’ in English, putting ahimsa into practice is also about acting with compassion and kindness whilst defending fairness, equality, and justice.


‘Nature distributed medicine everywhere’

– Pliny the Elder

Earth provides us with an abundant array of medicine within the plant kingdom. The healing power of plants is not something newly discovered. However, much of the ancient knowledge has been buried and forgotten. But the wisdom of the wild is returning. We are remembering and reclaiming the myriad ways plants can support our healing, nourishing our bodies, detoxifying our systems, purifying the air, and even expanding our consciousness. Medicine comes in more than one form, but plants form a key part of a holistic spectrum of practices and modalities that can catalyse our healing.


The conventional worldview that we have reached the peak of civilisation does not match the evidence in front of us. Humanity is fundamentally sick, plagued by depression, disease, despair, anxiety, addiction, and suicide on levels never before seen. At the same time, the Earth is becoming increasingly ravaged by our toxic and unsustainable practices, and as a result, natural disasters, pollution, mass-extinction, global warming and rising sea levels are accelerating. Though many are yet to wake up to this reality, the desperate need for healing on a planetary scale nonetheless intensifies. We have come to associate ‘healing’ with rapid pain-relief, but the two are not always synonymous. Authentic healing can be uncomfortable and challenging, as well as beautiful and empowering, leading us into our darkest depths, unravelling each layer until we reach the light. But it is worth the courage, time, and dedication the process can demand.

Ahimsa Plant Healing

Many of us have heard a call to awaken, evolve, and regenerate, so that we can strive to transmute our destructive trajectory into one of personal health, community wellness, and planetary thriving. Ahimsa Plant Healing aims to contribute towards this mission by acting as a platform for inspiring conscious living through inner healing and outer transformation. We help to make practical change accessible through an online eco shop whilst also providing content that explores modalities of self-realisation and empowerment, herbal and natural medicine, and ethical and sustainable practices for the good of all living beings. 

(Please note that the information we share is in no way intended as a substitute for any form of medical counselling, and may not be applicable to or suitable for you. We advocate that you take responsibility for your decisions and incorporate only what resonates with you and is supported by your experience.)

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