Ahimsa Plant Healing is a community interest company inspiring conscious + kind living. We  run a  not-for-profit online shop, provide recipes and zerowaste ingredients for vegboxes, offer plantbased catering, and host a holistic spectrum of events. Get in touch to find out more.



Our intention

Earth is approaching crisis. Our ‘anthropocene epoch’ has been polluting the soil, water, and air, with impending catastrophic implications. Natural disasters, mass-extinction, global warming, and rising sea levels are being accelerated by our current practices of deforestation, intensive mining, and natural resource depletion; along with environmentally-ravaging and unethical factory farming; and a plethora of other unsustainable activities. The effects of which are not only being felt by the planet. Humanity is plagued by war, violence, greed, inequality, depression, disease, despair, anxiety, addiction, and suicide.

But there is also great light in our world. The dreamers are awakening.  And as our awareness expands, a vision of change is forming, and with it, a call to action. Crisis often precedes transformation, and it is possible that from microcosm to macrocosm, our bodies, relationships, and the planet can be healed. For this to be realised, we each need to take responsibility and evolve. Through inner work and outer choices, we have the opportunity to transmute our destructive trajectory into a path towards sustainable personal health, community wellness, and planetary thriving.  The intention of Ahimsa Plant Healing is to inspire the cocreation of a more sustainable world, in harmony with cycles of the Earth, moon, and stars.


Flower 3


Sacred Cacao Ceremony Photo by Jodie Louise Sullivan
(Image from one of our cacao ceremonies, photography by Jodie Louise Sullivan)