As above, so below.

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Ahimsa Plant Healing is a not-for-profit platform for inspiring conscious living. 

Earth is approaching a crisis. Our current ‘anthropocene epoch’ is typified by toxic pollution of the soil, water, and air; deforestation, intensive mining and natural resource depletion; environmentally-ravaging and immoral factory farming, and a plethora of other unsustainable practices that are accelerating natural disasters, mass-extinction, global warming and rising sea levels with impending catastrophic implications. The effects are not only being felt by the planet. Humanity is increasingly plagued by war, violence, greed, inequality, depression, disease, despair, anxiety, addiction, and suicide. In this dystopian dream, we have become disempowered consumers in a system propelled by selfishness, injustice, and fear. But we are awakening. And as our awareness expands, a vision of change is arising, and with it, a call to action. Crisis often precedes transformation, and from microcosm to macrocosm, our bodies, relationships, and the planet can be healed. But we each need to take responsibility and evolve.  Through inner work and outer choices, we can transmute our destructive trajectory into a path towards sustainable personal health, community wellness, and planetary thriving. 

The intention of Ahimsa Plant Healing is to empower people to awaken to the reality of our planetary crisis, overcome conditioned fear-based toxic patterns, reconnect to our authenticity, and to join in the co-creation of a more harmonious world. We explore issues, as well as solutions like plant medicines and herbal remedies, whole and healing foods, permaculture and gardening, eco-feminism, rewilding and zero-waste lifestyles, yoga and movement, creativity and artistic expression, and more; sharing insights, tips, recipes, meditations, and visionary art, curated and collected along our own journeys. We cocreated 7 special blends of ceremonial grade cacao you can order to work with the magic of the plant in your own space.

Or join us as we gather for a holistic spectrum of events, from sacred cacao ceremonies to raw feasts to inspirational talks, or get in touch to cocreate your own conscious gathering. Nourished by plant allies, we share and heal, bringing darkness to light, embracing the suppressed divine feminine qualities of empathy, nurturing, creativity, rest, fluidity, compassion, and cooperation; balancing the collective energy. Allowing an alchemical metamorphosis to unfold within ourselves and flow out into the world, collectively reborn to dance in true harmony with rhythms and cycles of the Earth, moon, stars, and the cosmos.

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