Ahimsa Plant Healing was founded by Suzie following a deep plant medicine ceremony in 2017 in which she asked to be shown how to best serve the planet. During the ceremony she felt the Earth pulling her into an embrace and telling her she had a job to do. Ahimsa came through clearly in the following days. Despite being deeply connected to nature as a child, Suzie had found herself moving away from this and conforming to society’s expectations as she grew older, ending up burned out and dissatisfied. As the dream of Ahimsa took form with the help of Cacao journeys, Suzie left her trajectory of a career in academia and began a life-long dedication to the plant path. Ahimsa was always intended to be rooted in community and when Suzie met Danny (of Lawsons Market Garden), they realised their dreams were aligned and he began supplying locally-grown flowers, herbs, and vegetables from his permaculture garden and helping with events. Then whilst cooking for friends on another plant medicine retreat, Suzie and Trishna discovered that working in the kitchen together felt like magic and their co-creation began. Over the years since, we’ve been blessed with attracting a beautiful tribe of talented helpers and supporters. Thank you, we’re grateful for you all.


  • VeganWe use 100% plantbased and cruelty-free ingredients and products, in respect and honour of the animals who share our planet.
  • ZerowasteAll of our packaging is reusable, recyclable, or compostable. Our inserts are printed on handmade hemp paper. Our postal boxes are recycled and recyclable (or compostable – they make great bases for no dig beds!). We use high quality reusable and recyclable amber glass jars for premium herbal products. Our tape, stickers, and pouches are all biodegradable and compostable. And to fill our boxes and protect your precious products, we use leftover wood shavings combined with herbs and flowers that are past their best from the apothecary.
  • OrganicWe strive to only use produce and products are either certified organic or lovingly grown to organic standards. We choose regenerative and sustainable options. as much as possible. To help support wildlife and protect the health of our soils, waterways, and ourselves.
  • Natural All of our offerings are made from scratch with love and without anything artificial. Embracing the vibrancy and deliciousness nature has to offer. Using only plants, nuts, and seeds, infused with superfoods and herbs, to nourish our bodies and elevate our minds.
  • Inclusive We cater for intolerances and special diets so everyone has the opportunity to enjoy our products. Our events and offerings are also for everyone, you don’t have to be vegan or spiritual!
  • Local We keep our operations small-scale and grassroots, and all of our products are handmade either by ourselves or local makers. Many of the vegetables, herbs, and medicinal botanicals we use are handpicked and foraged by us in the wild or Lawsons Market Garden. We also support other local small-scale farmers; source our grains, legumes and nuts from British organic producers; and our sea salt from the Dorset coast. We offer in person events to our community and hope to open a weekly pop-up shop from Autumn.
  • Seasonal Our offerings are designed to be a celebration of the seasons, inspired by what’s growing and shifting around us, and the myths and folklore of these lands.


  • IntegrityWe respect the Earth and all beings that live upon it. We are transparent about our practices and mindful of their impact on the ecosystems around us. We hear all voices and do not discriminate. We are honest and find fair solutions to problems that arise.
  • Connection – We believe reconnection to nature is essential to transforming our current crisis into personal wellbeing, community connection, and planetary healing. We think our current culture has lost something special in often not knowing where, how, and by whom the things we buy are made. With this in mind, we nurture direct relationship with the plants, land, and elements – growing or forage as much as we can and ensuring we know the story of the maker or farmer before buying anything in.
  • SustainabilityThe principles of permaculture are infused into all layers of our business. We thrive on finding creative uses for our ‘waste’, like making cheese from our mylk pulps and stock from our veggie scraps. We only use compostable or reusable packaging. We grow as much as we can ourselves and buy any external ingredients from the most local, regenerative and sustainable options. For example, sourcing our grains, legumes, seeds and nuts from British organic producers, and our sea salt from the Jurassic coast in Dorset.
  • Fairness We always pay better than the living wage and only buy the highest-quality exquisite and exotic superfoods (which are used sparingly) from fair-trade sources that empower indigenous communities and ecosystems across the globe.
  • Quality Craft and artisanship is incredibly important to us, and we take great care to only use the finest ingredients. Everything we offer is intentional – driven not by profit but a purpose to share the magic of the plants in a way that gives back to our planet. We only sell things that we have tested ourselves and love. Years of crafting has gone into our own recipes, and we continually strive to elevate our products and practises.
  • BeautyOur aesthetics are inspired by the wondrous beauty of nature. Our offerings are intentionally curated to both nourish our bodies and delight our senses. We hope to spark joy with the colours, textures, and fragrances of our natural ingredients.


Our intention is to do our small part in weaving humanity back into the sacred web of nature. In our hearts we nurture a vision of the rivers running clean, the forests green, the air pure, the soil rich, and all living things thriving. Whether this dreaming comes to fruition, is partly up to the choices each one of us makes everyday.