Welcome to our Earth Shop.

We created this space to share sustainable gifts, herbs, wholefoods and sacred items that we use and love. We care about provenance, sourcing all of our products ingredients ethically. Many of the vegetables, herbs, and medicinal botanicals we use are handpicked and sustainably foraged by us in the wild or our own back garden. We also support local small-scale biodynamic farmers; source our grains, legumes and nuts from British organic producers; our seaweed and sea salt from the Dorset coast; and use the highest-quality exquisite and exotic superfoods from fair-trade, regenerative sources that empower indigenous communities and ecosystems across the globe. Everything we sell is plantbased and zerowaste, and our packaging is compostable or reusable.

In celebration of slow, seasonal, wildcrafted ways of living.


We’ll soon be opening the doors of our little off-grid shop a couple of days a week. You’ll be able to collect online orders, as well as browse our products, fill your own containers for a discount, pick up fresh treats, and sample some of our teas. We’re located at Lawsons Market Garden, and Danny will also be selling fresh produce, preserves, and other goodies from the farm.




We’re passionate about ensuring our offerings have as gentle an impact on the earth as possible. All of our packaging is reusable, recyclable, or compostable. Our postage boxes are recycled and recyclable (or compostable – they make great bases for no dig beds!). Our inserts are printed on handmade hemp paper. We use high quality reusable and recyclable amber glass jars for premium herbal products. Our tape, stickers, and pouches are all biodegradable and compostable. And to fill our boxes and protect your precious products, we use leftover wood shavings combined with herbs and flowers that are past their best from the apothecary.