2020 Vision

What is your 2020 vision?

What magic of your dreaming are you striving to bring into the 3D next year?

We live in a universe of infinite possibility, yet a system of suppression that keeps us asleep to our power.

It is our responsibility to rise.

Break the paradigms.

Bring the dawn.

The word I was gifted for 2019 was growth, and the Universe delivered. A poignant learning among many, was that growth often equals periods of discomfort followed by ecstatic empowerment.

With all this new found expansiveness, I choose to embody the creatrix in 2020.

To connect and cocreate, not mindlessly consume.

To live with integrity, courage, and reverence for life. To respect the planet and all her beings, including myself. To follow daily rituals curated and collected over years of practice. To consume only wholefoods and herbs here grown and found, mindfully prepared and taken in love and in devotion. To buy only secondhand, upcycling, repairing, reworking. Saying no when my intuition says so. Stop making myself small and apologising for that we are. Refusing to bow to broken systems. Remembering more about the ancient ways and timeless mysteries held within these lands. Treading lightly, laughing wildly, dancing nightly. Channelling the warrior goddess. Shedding the old self, letting her die, to be reborn and break the chains. Unbound and unapologetic. Rebelling and rising. Together.

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