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Beautiful humans,

This free journey is an offering of love, intended to help you connect with plant medicine allies, unseen wisdom, mama Earth, and a deeper part of yourself; to open space for receiving guidance, grounding, and deep restoration during these interesting times. This is quite a lengthy guided meditation… you’re not expected to focus on following all of it. Just lay back, relax, and allow the words to fall on your subconscious mind, and then open to what arises.

The instructions below are also covered in the recording up to 5:45 (you may need to pause the video a few times you’re as setting up). Already sat in your sacred space with your cup of plant goodness? You can skip to this part.

Thank you for joining me and our plant allies on this journey. And thanks to my guides, seen and unseen, human and Other, to mama Earth, and the great big Universe. Enjoy the plant magic.

Plantiful love and a good measure of righteous rage,

Suzie xo


Before listening,  you might want to prepare yourself, set up your journey space, and brew an elixir of your favourite plant allies. You can make this process as simple or elaborate as you like. The following are a few suggestions that can help you gain the most from the experience. None are essential. Please follow your intuition and only use what resonates, or create your own practices entirely. 

Choose a plant ally…

Your plant ally can be anything from your favourite herbal tea, a ceremonial cacao drink, or mushroom tonic,  to or a creamy latté made with plant mylk and medicinal powders. Try tuning into your intuition to choose which ally or combination to work with. Some great nervous-system supporting, adaptogenic, and relaxing plants include reishi, ashwaghanda, maca, rhodiola, lavender, linden, chamomile, lemon balm, passion flower, valerian, and many more. There are even some wild spring plants that you can forage for free if you have access to an unsprayed garden or nature spaces, such as fresh nettles, yarrow, chickweed, dandelion, and goosegrass.*

*Please be mindful and follow the principles of responsible foraging and check for any contraindications. If you’re working with ceremonial cacao, you might want to check out my advice for preparing to meet this plant medicine here.

Prepare yourself

Before beginning a journey with the plants, I like to practice some of the following to help me get into the ceremony vibes…

  • Making sure I have plenty of time for the ritual
  • Going outside and connecting with nature, even if just for 5 minutes
  • Taking a flower bath and imagining the water cleansing all layers of my being (a quick cold shower is also a good option!)
  • Putting on my ceremonial clothes and jewellery (or this can just be something super comfy, whatever feels right for you)
  • Spending a few moments contemplating my intentions and questions for the journey
  • Reading about and studying the plant ally I’ve chosen, it’s medicinal and magickal uses, and folklore

Make your medicine!

Prepare your drink with love and presence.

How you do this will depend on the plant ally you have chosen.

I like make my personal elixirs in a pan (or better yet a cauldron over a fire! but this doesn’t happen as often as I’d like). I also like to sing (or hum if that scares you) to the plants as I stir. You can speak any intentions or prayers you may have into the brew, seeding it for the journey.

Once the drink is ready, pour into your favourite mug and enter your sacred space.

You’re now ready to begin the journey.

Set up your sacred space…

Once you’ve decided which plants to add to your brew, you might want to create a relaxing space to journey in. 

Some of my favourite ways to do this are…

  • Putting on some of relaxing music
  • Cleansing the room using purifying herbs, incense, or resins (obviously, be careful, don’t burn the house down)
  • Lighting a candle and setting up an altar (this can dedicated to your plant ally or the Earth)
  • Making an offering of fruit, flowers, crystals, anything you feel is right, or simply a gratitude
  • Casting a circle or calling in protection for highest good (feel free to use any methods of your traditions, perhaps working with the directions or elements)
  • Getting your journal and pen ready if you have one
  • Pulling a tarot card or another method of divination, seeking guidance for the journey

Time to join the meditation…

You can listen to the recording below

Or watch the video

*Guidance and video by Suzie, of Ahimsa Plant Healing. All artwork and GIFs by the incredible Alexandra Dvornikova, and ethereal soundtrack is ‘Mothership’ by Aurora. Used under fair use copyright licensing for this free offering intended to benefit sustainable personal health, community wellness, and planetary thriving. Full rights remain with the artists.

** Any suggestions made are not intended as medical advice. Please check for any contraindications before consuming any herbal plant medicine. If foraging, please follow guidelines for responsible harvesting.

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