Cacao Ceremony FAQ

Ahimsa Cacao Ceremonies


What is a cacao ceremony?

Today cacao ceremonies come in many forms, but all include the act of creating a sacred space to gather and experience the deeply heart-opening and healing medicine of cacao. Ahisā cacao ceremonies are intended to empower Earth guardians and inspire conscious change for the cocreation of a new, more sustainable world. During the ceremony, you’ll be guided into an introspective and meditative space awakening you to your intuition, inner vision, truth, shadow, purpose, and unseen guidance. This will be followed by an empowerment designed for your healing and transformation. During the ceremonies, you can experience a blissful connection to others and nature, realign with your inner guidance, process negative emotions, heal past wounds, restore your vital energy, and remove blocks to gain clearer visions of the next steps you need to take.

What should I bring?

The only thing you really need to bring is yourself, but the following optional items can help you gain the most from the experience:

  • notebook & pen
  • water bottle
  • blanket or scarf and comfy clothes
  • favourite mug
  • instruments and sacred objects if you have them (optional)
  • a gift for spirit of cacao, such a bean, seed, flower, or a word, poem, gratitude
  • an object found in nature to contribute to the Earth altar (optional)
  • an intention, as well as an open mind

How should I prepare for the ceremony?

It is best to eat lightly and avoid caffeine on the day of the ceremony. To go deeper, stick to a plant-based diet and avoid heavy or spicy foods for a couple of days beforehand, and try to spend some time in quiet contemplation setting an intention for the journey. Your intention could be anything that resonates with you at the time, whether it’s gaining insight on your purpose, increasing your awareness, connecting to the Earth, shifting an emotional blockage, healing an addiction or toxic behavioural pattern, processing past experiences, increasing self-love and empowerment, or simply feeling a euphoric and deep connection to others in the circle. Bringing a journal along to ceremonies and let your insights flow out onto the pages can be helpful.

After the ceremony

Drink plenty of water during and after the ceremony as cacao can have a strongly detoxifying effect on the body. A good way to ground your energy when the ceremony is finished is to eat a nourishing, healthy meal. It can also be beneficial to spend some time in quiet reflection or meditation in the days after, since the experience can bring up feelings and insights to be processed and integrated. Some find that maintaining a journalling practice is really helpful for developing and working with these realisations as they come through.

Is it safe?

Cacao is safe to drink and deeply nourishing for the physical body. However, if you are:

  • taking antidepressants or SSRI’s (MAOI based anti-depressants are contra-indicated with chocolate),
  • have a heart condition (though cacao is fantastic for cardiovascular health, it dramatically increases blood flow to the heart)
  • pregnant (pregnant women often have wonderful experiences with cacao, however, as it is a stimulant smaller doses are recommended)

Please make us aware beforehand so a suitable brew can be prepared. Even if you choose not to partake in drinking the cacao, you can still join in the journey and will feel the magical energy of the group.


Thank you for being curious about the magical power of plants, our allies in awakening.


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