Slow down, child

Unbeknownst to me, precisely as the UK went into nationwide lockdown, I began a solo vision quest isolated in nature. As the world stilled, I expected to be guided towards what more I could do to be of service to the world during these interesting times. To my half-surprise half-knowing, I actually received something quite different.

My head was whirling as I walked. Too much noise, too many intense dreams, lots of collective purging, everything happening all at once. As I began the ancient practice of slowly circling a sacred site, spiralling into the centre of millennia-old oak stumps aligned with the cosmos, my mind unravelled, my heart opened, and I was humbled by voices on the wind.*


S-l-o-w d-o-w-n, child.


One foot at a time.


That’s it, now.

Make your every movement a work of art, an act of devotion, a kiss upon the Earth.

Exit the matrix.

Come home to the mama.

Wander deeper into the mystic.

Reconnect to the sacred every day.

Stay plugged into the rhythmic beat pulsing through all the Gaia being(s).

Don’t get ahead of yourself; stop trying to take five steps at once, seduced by the system of never-enough. Those people have forgotten the sacredness of nature. Lost in and sickened by an insipid fast-paced mind-mania.

Humanity will fall to its knees. If you are to survive, you must each recover your reverence for life. To remember the truth of your essence. Shed sweet tears onto the Earth. In the stillness and surrender, find purpose once more.

Now is the time, sink your roots deep into the soil.

To set down solid foundations that can withstand the strongest of winds.

Curate a life, that’s truly kind to all life.

To build a sustainable home.

Tend and watch it grow.

To prioritise presence; be in your body.

Taste the raw beauty of every moment.

To tread the forest floors, wade the waters, dance the winds, feel the fire in your belly.

Let nature teach you how to become the warrior.

To practice patience and build resilience.

Learn to flow with the cycles of things.

To bend not break.

A worthy contender of the challenges you’ll surely face.

To root down.

Rise up.

I strive to honour the seasons of my life, and for a while now they’ve been calling me home, to nourish roots, cultivate land, hands in the soil, womb to the mama, to embody the creatrix and create the foundations of a truly ahimsa life. The constant wheel of capitalism continued to turn relentlessly, making it feel like there was no space. Until it stopped. Ahh. Like a belly breath of fresh air. A chance for reflection, refinement, and integration.

Time to bring it in sweet ones, slow it down, come on home.

We be creating a real off-grid life. Over the past couple of years, a beautiful community has organically emerged through synchronicity and fortuitous circumstance. A long-forgotten shared mission has coalesced and taken form in our collective vision. Of building change together, in the flesh, hands in the dirt, feet on the Earth. How and where exactly this will take form and find funding remains in flux, but our vision is robust, and this experience has helped lift the veil on the unconscious fear that we constantly need to be grinding. It’ll take time, but it’s coming, and all the while we will be wealthy in many richer, more nourishing ways.

Calling in a new (old) way of being.

So, this is basically a longwinded, tangential, and cryptic post to say… some things will be changing here. Our events will be rarer and more potent. I’ll be stepping away from messenger threads and some external commitments.** We will directing our focus towards home. Creating an eco, sustainable, waste free, plantbased lifestyle, learning and growing, sharing and inspiring . Waking up with the sun, dancing barefoot on the grass, picking fresh healing herbs for morning tea, spending days in the wholesome rituals of growing, harvesting, cooking, preserving, fermenting, foraging, weaving, writing, and long evenings around the fire, playing music, studying plants, making medicine, creating art, loving, and sharing the magic here.

We will still be accessible via email and by phone if urgent.

It is time to tend the roots.

Plantiful love,

Suzie xo

* For the sake of clarity for anyone wondering… didn’t literally hear voices on the wind this time (though that sometimes happens, this one’s poetic license guys) but received internally clear guidance, which might sound ridiculous to some, but I’ve found it to be a honed skill to recognise the subtle sources of our the inner traffic.

**Though I believe social media is an enormously important platform for social change and conscious community networking and a grateful for all the wonderful individuals who get in touch, the amount of messages is too dispersive of our energy right now, which is required elsewhere.

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  1. Siobhan Seymour Avatar
    Siobhan Seymour

    This really does sound amazing and literally cannot wait to see how your plans crystallise. I really feel this is a time for change, and I actually feel a little worried about going back to “normal”. All the very best x

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