Remembering Earth Family

Capitalism has convinced us to think, that we don’t need the humble mink. Nor the rhino, tiger, or chimpanzee; or any animal that lives under the sea; not a bird, bee, or butterfly, any creature from the sky. All of Earth’s animals could die, and we would barely blink an eye. Plant, tree, and funghi; it would not mean much to ‘me’. As long as ‘I’ can continue to be.

In our technologised society, we’ve built walls of comfort and convenience that have allowed our vision to become foggy. Misplaced our conscience within the cult of the individual, where each man makes sure only his cup is full. Our screens have removed our ability to see, that each creature is a part of a greater Earth family. A thriving symbiotic hum, until humans come, and pretend we are the most important one.

We pollute Earth, land, and sea. Take from others, make them unfree. Drain our mother, and forget how life is supposed to be. And now, as the walls of our systems crumble, our faith in the individual glory tumble. But when the veil lifts, our perspective shifts. Hang out ‘alone’ in nature, and I’m sure you’ll see, that you cannot survive on ‘all I need is me’.

We remember we are part of pachamama.

And ask what is our place in all this is meant to be?

And the future is ripe with beautiful possibility.

We are Earth stewards.


Sang through me in the wake of the Dark Moon… a touch of cacao in my cup, little earth warrior in my belly, my nature protector by my side, and ancient ones all around. Feeling the importance of moving towards right relationship with everything that surrounds us so strongly that it’s bringing tears as I write. Inspired by living an increasingly sustainable life with my love, remembering the importance of family; that each of us, human, plant, animal, element, has a part to play that feeds the whole, and nourishes us back in return. And how, far from a burden, this sacred reciprocity is a joy to be part of, to accept our responsibility within. Permaculture life yo.

This is what the ancestors seem to want to share with me at the moment. This fundamental wisdom that many indigenous cultures knew and practiced,

yet we laughed at, called savage, and tried to abolish in favour of our ‘civilised’ way of being (raping people and planet, with profit and personal gain above all else, hmm). Yet, we are the ones who did not know. And we are paying for it now, as goes the cosmic giggle. But the time has come to rewrite the path of this sorry story. We have incredible potential and resources as a collective species. Everything we need to heal the planet, build a thriving world of our dreaming. If we only choose it.

This is just a pure prayer from my belly, not meant to make anyone feel ashamed or guilty. We’ve still got a way to go. There are still days I wake up heavy with the weight of the work we must do. Or the judgment of those who do not understand how we have chosen to live. But at those times, if I allow myself to rest and be restored by the wild, I quickly become energised again. If you’re tired, disconnected, and overwhelmed, I recommend checking out of the matrix for a bit. Dance, sing, write, feast, sleep, cry, swim, run, make art, breathe deep. Whatever fills your heart. Reminds you of who you are. Once recharged by the natural world and potent the memory of why you are here, the path becomes easier to dance again. In my experience, a simple life in a deep relationship to nature enriches our earthly expereince with such meaning and joy alongside rooted responsibility. It gives us a place.

The choice is ours.

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