*SPECIAL EDITION* Beltane Fire Blend (2 bar set)


An alchemical blend of ceremonial cacao from the Peruvian Amazon and sacred plants from Beltane celebrations like Hawthorn. 2 bar set. 

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This is a special blend intended to work with the energies of the sacred sabbat of Beltane and the May Full Moon, as well as honouring the seasons of Mama Earth.

This will be the last brew for some time (June will mark the first of many moons in an unbroken line that Suzie won’t be brewing, sad!). The process is very beautiful but highly energy-intensive, and Suzie’s focus is currently being channelled into building a sustainable home, deep study of the plants, and the online Zero Waste Pantry store that has been in the works for a while.

However, ceremonial cacao blocks, organic cacao butter, nibs, and powder, will soon be available from the online shop.

Available to preorder now in packs of 2, perfect for sharing with a partner. 

Please note, bars will be shipped first class after 7th May. 


Beltane is a Celtic word which means ‘fires of Bel’ (a deity).

It is a fire festival that celebrating the coming of summer and the fertility of this season.

Celtic festivals were often wed to the needs of the community. At this time in the farming calendar, many would be hoping for a fruitful year for their families and fields.

Beltane rituals would often include courting, such as couples going into the woods to collect blossoms and make love. Other festivities involved fire, thought to cleanse, purify and increase fertility.




An alchemical blend of ceremonial cacao from the Peruvian Amazon and sacred plants from Beltane celebrations like Hawthorn. 

🌸 CAYENNE PEPPER to honour the traditional Mayan preparation of cacao and honour the tradition of Beltane fire rituals, with medicinal properties of boosting metabolism and balancing hunger, lowering blood pressure, and supporting digestive health

🌸 DAMIANA a potent aphrodisiac tonic, which can be used in sex magic and tantric rituals, and is often included in charms and potions for love. It can be useful for meditation and supporting the nervous system.

🌸 ORGANIC CEYLON CINNAMON associated with fire magick, passion, and spirit evocation, with medicinal properties of blood sugar balance, inflammation reduction, boosting immune system, and more

🌸 VANILLA for sweetness and sensuality, used to stimulates energy and promote love

🌸Sprinkled with spring petals of rose, sweet violet, and hawthorn blossom


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