As above, so below.

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Ahimsa Plant Healing is a platform for inspiring conscious living. 

Our intention is to empower people to awaken to their authentic selves and worldly purposes, emancipate themselves from oppression, overcome conditional destructive patterns, and join in the co-creation of a new, more harmonious Earth. Ahimsa Plant Healing explores plant medicine and herbal remedies, permaculture and gardening, whole and healing foods, eco-consciousness and zero-waste living, yoga and movement, creativity and artistic expression, intuition and sexuality, spiritual awakening and metaphysics, and more. We share insights, tips, recipes, meditations, and visionary art, curated and collected along our own alchemical journeys of awakening. We will also gather in a sacred circle brought together by a shared intention to cultivate compassion for all living beings, healing through sharing, nourished by plants, bringing darkness to light, and restoring goddess energy. Join us in transmuting these vehicles for the highest good.

Earth is approaching a crisis. The accelerating deforestation, toxic pollution, natural disasters, mass-extinction, and rising sea levels, are all symptoms of the current ‘anthropocene epoch’ and its impending catastrophic effects. Humanity is increasingly plagued by fear, war, violence, greed, inequality, depression, disease, despair, anxiety, addiction, and suicide. In this dystopian world, we have become disempowered consumers in an unsustainable system propelled by selfishness, injustice, and fear.

But we are awakening. With expanded awareness, we hear a call to action. It is time for us to take responsibility, reclaim our sovereignty, and evolve. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. Crisis often precedes transformation. From the microcosm to the macrocosm, just as our physical bodies have the ability to heal, so does the planet. By reconnecting to our intuition, communities, the land, and all living things, we can help this metamorphosis unfold. And by embracing the suppressed feminine qualities of empathy, nurturing, authentic expression, creativity, vulnerability, rest, fluidity, compassion, and cooperation, we might also bring balance to the collective energy. Through inner transformation and outer action, we might overcome our destructive trajectory and start a journey to personal health, community wellness, and planetary thriving; reborn to dance in true harmony with rhythms and cycles of nature, the moon, and the stars.

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