Weekly Earth Guardian Gatherings: Cacao, Ritual, and Foodshare

We meet most Friday evenings for an Earth healing sacred cacao circle. Sometimes we come together in nature and other times in our homes or different venues. The location is released each Mondays, so get in touch to reserve your space, or if you would like to host a ceremony. We open by drinking a […]

Free – £11.11

Moonhenge Cacao Ceremony, Fire, and Feast (+ 1 year Ahimsa birthday)

Moon Henge

Join us to commune with magickal plants in the darkness of the New Moon and the light of the stars at the sacred site of Moonhenge. 🌈🔥🔮 There’ll be welcome herbal teas and drinks, elemental blessings, a sacred cacao ceremony, sound healing, and a candlelit 3 course organic plantbased feast celebrating the best of the […]

£11 – £22